Spotlight on Google Surveys 360: Getting to “Why” is now easier and faster than ever before.

Surveys 360 offers several advanced features that help you reach high-priority audiences, test markets, and gain a better understanding of your impact. They include:

  • User list to help you measure the effectiveness of your media campaigns by surveying people exposed to your ads and videos 
  •  ZIP Code targeting that delivers your surveys to high-priority or test markets 
  • Custom Audience panels that take the pulse of brand perception among key consumer groups
  • Occupation and industry targeting to help you do business-to-business research with hard-to-reach professional audiences 

    Surveys 360 quickly analyzes your data and delivers it in easy-to-navigate graphs, demographic segmentations, and cross-tabs. That makes it easy to find fresh insights and help your business thrive.

    BuzzFeed improves client campaigns with Google Surveys 360 

    BuzzFeed is one company using Surveys 360 to measure campaign performance and improve its ad effectiveness.

    BuzzFeed is a global news and entertainment company that creates content intended for sharing, and helps advertising clients tell brand stories with engaging video campaigns. Campaign videos are less like advertisements and more like content people want to share. As they get shared, the campaign reach is extended.

    To prove the impact of this innovative ad strategy, BuzzFeed turned to Surveys 360. As BuzzFeed launches each video campaign, it also releases surveys across the Google Surveys Publisher Network and the Google Opinion Rewards mobile app. They ask people exactly what their client brands want to know: Are the campaign videos memorable and understandable? What messages mattered most and why? Did they motivate sharing? What do consumers want to know next? BuzzFeed uses the Surveys 360 user list targeting feature to automatically put the right surveys in front of the right respondents: people who have seen or interacted with campaign videos.

    Low-cost, high-quality survey data from Surveys 360 lets BuzzFeed give its clients a complete picture of campaign performance, fast. It helps them prove the value of the current campaign and even suggests strategies for the next campaign.

    BuzzFeed’s culture of data-driven experimentation creates success for their clients. Watch our BuzzFeed video case study for more details.

    This is only the beginning! We’ll continue to iterate and offer new features for Surveys 360 in the coming months. It’s available for purchase today in the accounts of all Analytics 360 Suite users in the U.S. and Canada. Go to to learn more.

    Happy surveying!

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