Move beyond last click attribution in AdWords

For the first time, AdWords advertisers with sufficient data will also be able to select the new data driven attribution model as a public beta,

which is also available in Analytics

360, Attribution 360, and DoubleClick. Unlike

rules­based models, data driven attribution uses machine learning to evaluate all the converting and non­converting paths across your

account and identifies the proper credit for each interaction. The model considers the number of ad interactions, order of exposure, ad

creative, and many other factors to determine which keywords and clicks are the most effective at driving results.

To help advertisers succeed with attribution, we’ve created a new best practices guide: “Beyond Last­Click Attribution.” The guide will

show you how to:

  • Determine how important moving beyond last­click attribution is to your business 
  • Choose a model that best fits your needs 
  • Value early influencer keywords appropriately 
  • Act on attribution 
  • Evolve your approach to attribution as measurement gets better 

We hope the new functionality and guide will help you optimize your marketing campaigns and drive stronger results, and our goal is to

expand beyond search soon.

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