Introducing the Firebase Demo Project


The Demo Project is useful for exploring Firebase features and reports. Here are a few things you can do with it:

  • View all standard Analytics reports populated with real data from the Flood It! app
  • Dissect Analytics reports by applying a variety of filters
  • See which ad campaigns are driving the most valuable users to the app
  • Track crashes and their impact on end users, and understand the steps that led to them
  • See the full notifications funnel for notifications sent from the Firebase Console
  • View Remote Config parameters to see how values are varied based on targeting parameters, especially feature flags and percent targeting for staging and Analytics audience targeting for customization
  • See test results from testing the app on real physical and virtual devices in the Firebase Test Lab

Education Programs
If you’re an educator trying to teach others to use Firebase then we encourage you to use the Demo Project within your course. For example, you can create practical exercises that students can complete using the Demo Project.

Access the Demo Project
You can get access to the Demo Project and learn more about it, from this help article. If you need some help, or have ideas to make the Demo Project more useful, please share it with the Google Analytics Community. We hope the Demo Project gives you a practical way to try new features and learn about Firebase.

Happy analyzing!
Posted by Deepak Aujla Steve Ganem, Google Analytics team

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