Legal Battle of Microsoft for performance in MSN India Keyword for domain.

The journey of one page website and its rise to Google Search Page 1,2ndresult against the website Official MSN india for keyword like "MSN India", "msnindia".

Do you think that the Giants in SEO cannot be won. It�s impossible �to push their content down and come up with your result.

Let me ask few questions before:

    1) In SEO is it possible to put a single page IFRAME website against a website having millions of pages in Google Search Result.

    2) Is it possible to be present in first page second rank in Google Search Result continuously with that IFRAME website.

    3) Is it possible to be sustain that rank for a year in Google search result.

Answer to above all is YES. It is possible.

The website which we are talking about is versus Official MSN India.

I had achieved the impossible by my website for which I had received the legal notice from Microsoft as well and now it had become the property of Microsoft.

Let’s start with what happened.

For one of my domain “” (Purchased in 2010 by me ) I had displaced the digital assets of MSNIndia by achieving 1st Page 2nd Rank in Google.(See Snapshot) for very prominent keyword which is “msn india” and other related keywords.

Don’t ask me how I did it and with what Team Size. Thats my secret but it was altogether me alone always. Infact it was very much easy if you know little about Google Search Algorithm.

The website ( was a simple Iframe one page website (with Disclaimer for the Original website and link).

In SEO World, IFRAME�s websites are very less SEO compliant and that too first page 2ndrank is next to impossible and that too for a keyword which is �msn india� against millions of page of MSN India websites and its digital assets.

  And next to impossible feat is another feat for maintaining the rank for consistently six months from July 2011 to October 2011. After that my hosting provider (Bluehost) got legal notice from Microsoft (Legal Notice from Microsoft attached).

For the same reason I have to put my website down and put the disclaimer about my intention as just to prove my expertise in SEO.

    After that I continued to maintain the rank for odd 3 months, when they finally send me legal notice (notice attached). Till that time I was on Second Rank of Google First Page Search result.

Now I repeatedly asked them to consider my merit but none heard. Finally they acquired it forcefully without hearing my side. (Legal Award Forceful Though).

The only thing which I achieve after so much of hard work is that Nothing is impossible anywhere even in Search Engine Optimization also. Even if you the least compliant SEO website against any website with millions of pages, you will get chance to prove your worth.

I am not writing it because to cry foul but to prove my point that just like in real world everything is possible in SEO too. You may or may not get recognized (if its Microsoft then will get legal notice).

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